Oct. 31 marks Nevada’s 153rd birthday (and we have to say, this state is looking pretty good for its age). The official day of celebration is Friday, Oct. 27, but that’s not the only day you can show your Nevada pride. We put together a list of our favorite ways to celebrate Nevada (especially northern Nevada) all month—or even year long.

  1. Read A Book By A Nevada Author

Whether you choose some historically famous authors (we’re looking at you Samuel Langhorne Clemens) or newer literary sensations, there’s a Nevada-grown author or book for every taste and genre. Check out this bucket list, and start your Kindles. We recommend reading “Battleborn,” by University of Nevada, Reno graduate Claire Vaye Watkins for fiction. For some beautiful non-fiction essays about the state and equally stunning photos, check out “Earthtones: A Nevada Album.”

  1. See Some Nevada-Made Art

It’s hard to walk a block in midtown or downtown Reno without seeing a mural or a large sculpture. So, take a day and wander into our urban gallery. Or, for an indoor visit, check out one of the many art museums in the area. For a registry of local artists, check out this list from Art Spot Reno.

  1. Take A Road Trip On The Loneliest Road

If you need to get out of town and seek a road less traveled, head east on Highway 50. Dubbed “The Loneliest Road in America” by Life Magazine, this 285-mile journey has beautiful mountain scenes, quiet roads and personality-filled rest stops. Check out this full guide from Travel Nevada.

  1. Explore A Trail

We couldn’t find the exact number of trails in northern Nevada, so we’re going to estimate it at a lot. There’s a trail for every taste, ability level, and stamina up here, and you can find them in your backyard or within a few miles’ drive. Check out this list of local favorites from Reno Tahoe USA here.

  1. Soak In A Hot Spring

Nevada has more hot springs than any other state in the country, and many of them are in northern Nevada. Pick a hidden or exposed spot, and enjoy a steamy soak. Find one nearby with this list from Travel Nevada.

  1. Look Up For An Awesome Sunset

No travel needed for this one. Just keep an eye out on the sky at sunset time, and get your camera ready.

  1. Eat Some Basque Food

 Dig into northern Nevada’s strong Basque heritage, and a side of fries while you’re at it. Bring your appetite, and some friends to enjoy a family-style meal. And don’t forget to …

  1. Drink A Picon Punch

 Nevada’s unofficial, official state drink that probably originated in California. Remember, one is too few, and three are too many.

  1. Support A Nevada Business

 Check out The Flag Store, Sign & Banner in Sparks for a selection of hundreds of products made in Nevada. Don’t be deceived by the name—there’s more than flags and signs for sale.

  1. Eat Some Nevada Grown Food

Yes, we actually grow food out here in the high desert. For a list of growers, restaurants, retail, and markets where you can find some, click here.

  1. Watch The Nevada Day Parade

So, this event you can only do on Nevada Day, but it’s the best way to participate in largest statehood celebration in the nation. (We win!) The party starts on Oct. 27, 2018, with a pancake breakfast at 7 a.m. Here’s a full list of details. Trust us; you don’t want to miss the beard contest.

  1. Drink Some Local Brews And Liquors

 You may have heard that Reno’s having a bit of a craft beer and liquor renaissance. Well, you heard right. With more than 30 breweries and tap houses and 10 distilleries, you can sip on a locally-made libation of almost any shade. For a map of where to go for tastings, click here.

  1. Visit Virginia City

 Step back in time and explore Virginia City, which at its peak was a thriving, vibrant metropolis of 25,000 citizens. Today, you can wander the wooden sidewalks and explore the rich history of the city.

  1. Lake Tahoe 

A picture is worth a thousand words. Right?


  1. Enjoy Our Almost Always Excellent Weather

With 252 days of sunshine every year, Nevada doesn’t need a silver lining to talk about its excellent climate.

  1. Don’t pay state income taxes! 

Nevada is one of seven states in the United States without an income tax. So, look forward to April 15.

  1. Indulge in Reno’s foodie scene

Reno’s not just for buffets and coffee shops anymore. In the past few years, new restaurants of all cuisines have popped up around the city, offering epicurean delights.

Did we miss any? If we did, send us an email and let us know how you’re planning to celebrate Nevada!