4th of July Events around Reno

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This Independence Day there is no shortage of things to do around Reno, Sparks, and Tahoe! Especially since this year it falls on a Saturday. NewtoReno.com has come up with a pretty comprehensive list of things to do this holiday weekend.

[caption id="attachment_9245" align="alignnone" width="595"]Photo Credit: Carissa Rogers from https://www.flickr.com/photos/goodncrazy/5754693395/in/photolist-9LwiRD-8Tw6k7-5YAAj3-mg6ZCu-dN7rKV-mg5TzZ-6vHQAH-baY6Zk-3HMcw-5QJhUJ-7dfVAF-cwX1fh-crfUZf-52KmLW-6RS3Py-9Xvpja-9ZS9Xn-mg4Ya4-quLZY6-b15uK-fQhPQV-PCAp1-quLXJB-79vGUg-cL63j1-85xEFR-6mjqaU-rzhQtx-acAXV3-tsgzEK-8rkr9y-6AXHv9-5xnEKq-cs2d9N-mg51V4-4r7hdp-6qSDmW-caWWV9-mg54fp-mg5NpP-iWUPBT-82Lbrp-64Tsc2-5QxDSn-uZ1gRU-52eqWZ-6cQwZo-mg4YK2-ehLBfA-86nTPG Photo Credit: Carissa Rogers[/caption]

Here are just a few of the options to celebrate our great country's independence:

Star Spangled Sparks - This event is put on by the Nugget and will include fireworks, food and beverage vendors, live music, as well as a shuttle service.

Fireworks at the Aces Ballpark - Reno's Triple A team plays against the Sacramento River Cats that night and fireworks will be after the game.

Virginia City 4th of July Celebration - In this historic town there will be a parade, auction, live music, food and beverage vendors, and of course fireworks!

Red, White, & Tahoe Blue - In Incline Village there will be many events to go to throughout the holiday weekend, beginning on Thursday and including a performance by the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra.

For the complete list by NewtoReno.com click here.

Source: http://newtoreno.com/fourth-4th-july-fireworks-celebrations-reno-sparks-nevada.htm

Photo Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/goodncrazy/5754693395/in/photolist-9LwiRD-8Tw6k7-5YAAj3-mg6ZCu-dN7rKV-mg5TzZ-6vHQAH-baY6Zk-3HMcw-5QJhUJ-7dfVAF-cwX1fh-crfUZf-52KmLW-6RS3Py-9Xvpja-9ZS9Xn-mg4Ya4-quLZY6-b15uK-fQhPQV-PCAp1-quLXJB-79vGUg-cL63j1-85xEFR-6mjqaU-rzhQtx-acAXV3-tsgzEK-8rkr9y-6AXHv9-5xnEKq-cs2d9N-mg51V4-4r7hdp-6qSDmW-caWWV9-mg54fp-mg5NpP-iWUPBT-82Lbrp-64Tsc2-5QxDSn-uZ1gRU-52eqWZ-6cQwZo-mg4YK2-ehLBfA-86nTPG


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