As the Labor Day holiday comes and goes, many people think of the summer season in Tahoe as being over.  For exactly that reason it is one of our favorite times of year. For most families, the month of September represents kids getting back to school and the return to “normal” day to day activities.  This also means that it’s more difficult to take days off or even sneak in a weekend getaway because of soccer and football and all the other activities the family becomes involved in.  This leaves a little window of time (mother nature determines the length of it) where those who can make it up here get to really enjoy everything the Sierra summers have to offer without dealing with some of the congestion and hustle and bustle which can exist during the actual summer months.

One of the best examples is being able to go to the local golf courses, without having to make a tee time, and enjoying the perfectly green grass and great playing conditions which come together at this time of year.  After a long winter our courses can be a little rough in the early season, but after a long summer the courses are in their absolute best condition in late August through September.

This is also a wonderful time for hiking and biking with slightly cooler temperatures but absolutely gorgeous surroundings.  Or maybe you prefer to relax on what feels like a private beach or take out the boat in what can be incredibly calm and private waters.

You can wrap up your days with a comfortable evening on the deck of one of our many fine restaurants.  Not only will you be seated immediately, but many of the establishments will also offer seasonal discounts to all of their patrons.

The combination of colder mornings and numerous ski shop sales also make us start thinking of what brought us here . . . ski season!!  Believe it or not, it’s just around the corner.